The worst guard dog

This morning Mom and I were on My Trail, and for the first time ever we came across some unauthorized users. Some of you have suggested that I am a brave dog who does courageous things to protect Mom. Well, this morning my mettle was tested. There’s one section where the trail corkscrews around on itself and makes 2 hairpin turns down from an overpass to an underpass. The lower turn is particularly scary because it is a blind turn into a narrow stretch of sidewalk with a wall on one side and a high fence on the other. We dropped down into that turn, and there, standing right on the yellow line in the middle of the trail, holding a junky bike longways across the trail, and staring at me and Mom, was Snoop. This wasn’t the Snoop Doggy Dogg of before my time. He was staring us down like Snoop Lion. Because of the way he was blocking the path, Mom and I had to squish in real close to the fence on the wrong side of the path. Did I bark at him and threaten to mess him up if he tried any funny business? Nope. I may bark my ass off at little old ladies wearing reflective vests, but with Snoop Lion, I just scuttled on by. Then, we came out the other side of the underpass, and an old man I see every morning, who we say hi to every day and shuffles along at 2mph popped into my view. I was so startled I jumped backward and almost took Mom out. I may not have been worried about a drugged out homeless man, but I was scared out of my wits by this tiny, shuffling old man.
Oscar the Worst Guard Dog

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