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Everyone knows that dogs are the best life partners, and often they make great therapists and life coaches too. When Oscar’s Mom goes through a mid-life crisis and quits her job, she and Oscar set out on an extended road trip, searching for the answers to life’s deepest questions. Once unleashed, Oscar describes hiking and running through the landscapes of the American west in the dynamic anthropomorphic language of a dog who sees himself as one with the world around him. Their misadventures on the road and in the back country spark conversations about work, relationships, responsibility, happiness and love, as well as the thornier issues of anxiety, addiction, homelessness and racism. Told from Oscar’s point of view, with an outsider’s skepticism, an anthropologist’s curiosity, and a smart alleck’s sophomoric pedantry, his travelogue is insightful, often funny and occasionally poignant. Narrated with the gusto and curiosity of a dog experiencing the world for the first time, Oscar’s heart-warming adventures and empathy for the human condition will be delight dogs and their humans alike.

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Things people say, and what I say back to them:

The People: Oscar, you should write a book! (I did! Buy it here!)
Oscar: But I already wrote all of these stories and you get to read them right away for free.

The People: But we like to pay money for things! Where can we pay money to read your stories again? (Here! Buy it here!)
Oscar: Well, of course I want to give The People what they want. Okay, here’s what I’ll do: I’ll take all of my best stories from all of our favorite adventures, and I’ll make them better. I’ll tell you about a few things that I left out the first time, and then I’ll write a few more new things. How about that?

The People: Where can I buy your book?
Oscar: The paperbook be on Amazon, and the computer-book will be in the Kindle store.

The People: Yay! But will you have pictures too? (Yes! Take a look here!)
Oscar: But I trained Mom to use Instagram so that even people who can’t read can see pictures of me for free. Do you need more?
The People, especially the ladies: But we can’t get enough of looking at your butt!
Oscar: Well that’s understandable. Okay, I’ll add pictures, but I’ll have Mom put them through an app that makes them look like I drew them by paw. That way when you buy the book you will only have to use a little bit of money.
The People: You can draw too? You’re the most talented dog in the world.
Oscar: I know.

The People: Can I get a paw-tographed copy?
Oscar: Yes! Although the order process will be a little bit different and it’ll cost a little more ($22.00, includes shipping and pawing) for me to bribe the mail man to bring it to your house without murdering you, and it’ll take a little longer for me to send it to you. If you want a paw-tographed copy, email me at and I’ll tell you more.

Buy the book here!

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