Today Mom and I were headed out for a short run when we ran by the dog park I used to go to before I found out I'm an a-hole. Mom saw that all of our friends were there, and decided to see if I was still an a-hole. I trotted up, and my dog... Continue Reading →

The Fart

We went back to the Wetlands that Smell Like a Fart this morning. Mom was going to take me to one of the hilly, fun trails where I can go off leash if we get there before the park opens, but I woke her up in the middle of the night because I needed to... Continue Reading →


Scariest day ever. This morning Mom was trying to run the ants out of my pants and the bees out of my bonnet, and all was going great until we came around the corner and I saw a MONSTER! It was all black from the neck down, and only just a little bit taller than... Continue Reading →


Today's push-up/run was all about distractions. Mom tried filming at some different spots on My Trail, but that meant that I had to clear the perimeter by checking and clearing all the peemail within my leash radius. Only then could I let her film me, but I had to stay on call in case of... Continue Reading →

No, you stay!

For Day 13 I put Mom through her paces again. My favorite thing to do is pretend like I don't know what she wants so she has to hang out at the bottom of a push-up for a really long time, or balance on one arm for even longer. I got extra points today by... Continue Reading →


Oh man, you guys. It got HOT today. When Mom and I got to the Wetlands that Smell like a Fart it was only like 60 degrees, but it climbed up to like 67 pretty quickly. I live in the Bay Area, so when the temperature goes outside the narrow band of 58-64º, we melt.... Continue Reading →

Attention hog!

We didn't have much time for the push-ups today, but we got 'em in! Mom invited my sister along and she ruined EVERYTHING! Not only did Mom give her treats that I would have totally eaten if she weren't there, but she kept jumping in front of the camera. Attention hog!!! If there's one thing... Continue Reading →

Run for Oreo

Today's salute to our veterans is also a hug to my buddies Oreo and Julia, who were so brave today. 🐸❤️ -Oscar the Pooch #22pushups #22kill See video here


  These push-ups have been making me think about love and family. Mom loves me so much, and I love her back almost as much as I love myself. She may not be perfect, but she feeds me every day, gives me belly rubs, shares a spoonful of yogurt with me when she makes her... Continue Reading →

Public service announcement

  Before NotMom forgot to put our beds back on the floor after working out, before Mom left for work and came home 12 hours later all grumpy in Hulk mode, I took Mom on a run on My Trail. Mom kept trying to film me while running, which just turns into a jumpy mess... Continue Reading →

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