A race just for me!

It is a tradition for four-legged runners to wear face socks in the start and finish area. Mom says it's not nice to criticize other cultures, but I don't think it's nice to humiliate anyone or hold their mouths shut. How are you supposed to do fun things like bark, eat the chips that Mom is sharing for breakfast, or lick the legs of strangers when you're wearing a face sock? Everywhere I looked there were four-legged runners smooshing their faces on the ground or punching themselves in the nose trying to get the face socks off.

Obstaple dog

"What's an obstaple?" I asked. "I don't know. Like crawling through mud and jumping over stuff and things. I didn't really read the website that closely. You'll love it. I brought treats."  Now I was real excited to do obstaple racing and show off how good I am at getting dirty and looking cool in pictures. But I guess Mom didn't read the website closely at all because she found out that the humans had to do the obstaples too. "Oh, well I can't do that," Mom told the lady with the t-shirts. "I have a medical issue."  "Mom, what's a medical issue?" I asked. "It means that I'm wearing socks," she said.

Oscar the tourguide

The best way to cheer is to stand by the side of the road, and then sprint out onto the course when you see your dad run by. That way you can bark at the top of your lungs how proud you are of him, and you can also clothesline a few other runners with your leash. If you do a good job they will trip and die, and your dad will be more likely to win. That's called being supportive.

Dung starter

"How can you drink out of the wrong water fountain? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Weren't you listening earlier...?! There's no apartheid at the dog beach."


Today I did my first try-atha-long! I'd never done a try-atha-long before, and Mom explained to me that it's when you do 3 things all in a row; except that we were doing a "relay" which means that 3 human people each did a different thing. I thought maybe one of the things would be... Continue Reading →

I’m Michelle’s dog now

Adventure Saturday is so big this week that we started on Friday. We got in the car and drove for almost the whole, entire day. Mom said that we were driving to a Rock n Roll race. “For rock stars like me?!” “Well, yes, for rock stars like you. Only unfortunately, they won’t let you... Continue Reading →

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