Today I did my first try-atha-long! I'd never done a try-atha-long before, and Mom explained to me that it's when you do 3 things all in a row; except that we were doing a "relay" which means that 3 human people each did a different thing. I thought maybe one of the things would be... Continue Reading →

I’m Michelle’s dog now

Adventure Saturday is so big this week that we started on Friday. We got in the car and drove for almost the whole, entire day. Mom said that we were driving to a Rock n Roll race. “For rock stars like me?!” “Well, yes, for rock stars like you. Only unfortunately, they won’t let you... Continue Reading →

Told you so

Hey there, Friends! Sorry I've been so silent. I've been busy staying at Bodie's house while Mom is off doing goodness knows what without me. She insists that it has not been fun, which doesn't surprise me because I'M not there! First Mom went to see my grandpeople in a place called Boston. She said... Continue Reading →

Rio Grill’s Race Report

To those of you who don't know me, my name is Oscar and I did this challenge last year. I'm also a dog. This morning I got to kick of 2017 with a real live race! Not a virtual race, but an in-person (or in-poochson) race with hundreds of other Friends. I've run one in-poochson... Continue Reading →

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