My pack got up early this morning so that we could go on a really exciting adventure: trail running in the dark! We get lots of practice running in the dark, but it's usually on sidewalks, My Trail (which is paved) or wide, flat dirt paths. We never run up mountains in the dark. Mom... Continue Reading →


Some people just can't be trusted. That's what Mom told Bodie anyway when she made her wear the harness with the front clip. I thought that Mom had decided that we didn't have to wear harnesses since they chafe my armpits, but now here she is clipping Bodie into harness again before every run. Just... Continue Reading →

Goal setting

Today Mom and I showed Bodie about hiking. "It's real slow," I warned her. "But you get to stop and smell more stuff, so it's fun in a different way." "It's cool, I'm an expert at patience," said Bodie. "I have to practice it all the time." "You're the least patient dog I know! You're... Continue Reading →

Letting go

Mom says that I have trouble making friends because I'm an "asshole." That's silly, because I always make lots of friends at the dog park and have a wonderful time barking in their face until they curl up into a submissive ball, or get mad and nip at me (then I bark some more). I... Continue Reading →

Scary Things

I thought that I would get to run Mom's marathong with her. I was really looking forward to sharing the results of all my hard work with so many Friends, and especially to having lots of people cheer for me and tell me what a good job I was doing. But it turns out that... Continue Reading →

Meet Oscar the Life Coach

It's the end of the year, and rather than Mom and me practicing our medal poses, Mom is observing our underachievement by being even more lazy than usual. Mom is usually a very well trained human: she wakes up at 4am every day so that I can take her for a run before work; she... Continue Reading →

Victory is mine!

I did it! After all these years, I finally got the upside-down TV man! God, I hate that guy! I hate how he hides in his hood like that. I don't like how he always gets so scared of me. I'm the good guy (obviously!), so anyone who's scared of me MUST be a bad... Continue Reading →

Busy day

What a busy day! I didn't expect Mom to wake me up early because she was out late on an adventure with my cat-sister. My cat-sister had lost a fight and came home with her eye swollen shut. When she walked in all bloody and tough-looking, I got up in her grill yelling, "VIOLENCE IS... Continue Reading →

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