Ice dragon and skull cows

Most of the dragon was underground with only his flanks and stegosaurus crest sticking out of the ground and curling big-spoon-ways around a canyon. The land the dragon slept in was the color of the 1970’s ––all rusty, creamy and drab greys with the rough textures of courderoy and polyester–– but the dragon’s back itself was covered in white chalky scales that flaked off and turned to dust under my paws.

Scattering cows and chasing goats

"YOU don't even fetch frisbees."
"Right! That's the point. Whenever you throw a frisbee, I chase it and then wait for you to catch up so that you'll pick it up and throw it again. That makes running together fun."


“This is lovely. It’s sunrise, it’s not too cold, and these people are singing flamenco!” (I know about flamenco from when Mom didn’t listen to audiobooks for 6 weeks.)
“Um, I think they’re just speaking Cantonese, Oscar.”
“Are you sure it’s not flamenco?"

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