Tourists and dognappers

"I know that bridge!" I said. "Bodie lives on the other side of it!" "No, you're thinking of the Golden Gate Bridge," Mom said. "This is the Bay Bridge."  "What the heck are you talking about?" I asked. "I recognize it." Mom can be so think sometimes. 'Tourist,' Mom muttered.

Super Oscar

If there were a beauty contest for trails, this one wouldn’t even make it to the semifinal round, but the thing about nature is that there isn’t just eye beauty, there’s also leg beauty. Some of the trails with epic views and incredible colors and smells are so boring and monotonous for your legs.

The beach

The building was very ugly, but the new people had made it pretty by painting their names on it in bright bubble letters. Instead of people going inside of it like a normal building, they were sitting on top of it sniffing books where they could see nature.

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