Summer is for watching, not running

"But Mom, running isn't just about running fast and winning. It's about seeing the world, and feeling your body become a part of the world as the uphills squeeze your muscles, and the downhills pull you like a leash, and you breathe in as much air as you can until you are made of the same stuff as nature is."  "I used to feel that way, Oscar. But now when I run I drop out of my body instead of dropping in. I just feel like garbage."

Enhanced motivation techniques

Every time I checked Facebook yesterday, everything was all about Boston Marathong this, and Boston Marathong that, and running, running, running... It made me crabby because Mom's been in a funk and won't take me on fun runs. I would show Mom all the motivational posts of all her friends who were running, or her... Continue Reading →

Good boy

My public persona may be that of a tough guy, but I'm really a momma's boy at heart. Independent of our 1000-mile challenge, Mom has set other challenges for herself for this year. The biggest challenge she set was that she wanted to run 1000 "intentional" miles in the first 101 days of the year... Continue Reading →

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