It’s not about how you feel, it’s about how good you look!

This morning Mom and I went to the same old boring Fart that we always go to. As is our routine, Mom wasn’t allowed to run until I had sniffed everything around the gate thoroughly, which always makes her impatient. "Come on Oscar!" Mom said. "I want to start before that gaggle of ladies takes... Continue Reading →


Intro to marathongs

The word "marathong" comes from the Greek root "mara" meaning really, really long and "thong" meaning "something that is really uncomfortable but not so uncomfortable that you can't put up with it as long as you don't think about it too much."

Morning routine

Our morning routine usually goes like this: 4:05am Mom's alarm goes off. I lay in my bed and pretend to sleep until Mom shines her phone in my face. Then I groan and get up. 4:07am Mom sits on the pot and stares at her phone like a zombie while I lay on my back... Continue Reading →

Enhanced motivation techniques

Every time I checked Facebook yesterday, everything was all about Boston Marathong this, and Boston Marathong that, and running, running, running... It made me crabby because Mom's been in a funk and won't take me on fun runs. I would show Mom all the motivational posts of all her friends who were running, or her... Continue Reading →


Mom has been a lazy lump all week, so this morning I decided that she wasn't allowed to sleep in; and at 5 in the morning I barked like a lunatic till she was awake. She was still a lazy bag of bones, and took for-EV-ver to get her butt out the door. We went... Continue Reading →

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