Opportunity cost

The trail turned out to be an easy 7-mile flat route that followed a happy river through the pine trees to a waterfall. “Isn’t this great, Mom?” I said. “No dirt roads to get here, no mountains to climb, no big trees blown over the trail, no dog-boiling weather... Just a nice, easy run through the pine trees.”

Time travel and the Taj Mahal of parking lots

But when we got to the camp ground they were all full. Mom came back to the van fuming. “They wouldn’t even let me pay to take shower. They treated me like a homeless person. Who the heck do they think they are? They’re just a parking lot with a water feature out front, they’re not the damned Ritz.”


While we were at the fixer shop, Mom made me stay in the car-house while she went inside and talked to the people. Then she walked away to make another phone call. While she was gone a man got in the car-house with me and drove me away. It was happening! I was getting kidnapped!

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