Strays for a night

We drove to a dark that smelled like the ocean, sounded like waves, and felt like sand. Then Mom let me off the leash. Behind us in The City there were lights, and cars, and people, and all the human things, but here on the sand there was only dark and the invisible ocean going on and on forever. I ran around in big circles until I heard Mom calling my name, then I ran back to check on her before she let me run more circles through the deep sand and waves.

A butt’s purpose

When you watch me run, it feels like there should be exciting trumpets playing in the background. Lately when Mom runs like a tuba sounds. But not today. 

Time travel and the Taj Mahal of parking lots

But when we got to the camp ground they were all full. Mom came back to the van fuming. “They wouldn’t even let me pay to take shower. They treated me like a homeless person. Who the heck do they think they are? They’re just a parking lot with a water feature out front, they’re not the damned Ritz.”

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